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 Our overall mission at Alpha & Omega Home is to lead men who are trouble by addictions to a lasting personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This relationship with Christ will allow the men to overcome teir addictions and become the person God intended them to be.  
This ministry is strictly a Christian-based ministry and during the eight week program the men will be required to attend various church services and activities.  The men of Alpha & Omega will also be taught leadership and life skills during their stay.  After eight weeks the men who complete the Alpha & Omega Home program requirements graduate and are given a certificate.
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PO Box 709, 2081 NC Hwy 241, Pink Hill, NC  28572
Alpha & Omega Home
A Christian Life Renewal Center
Phone: (252) 568-3400
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P.O, Box 709
2081 NC Hwy 241
Pink Hill, NC  28572
Christian Music Event to benefit the Alpha & Omega Christian Life Renewal Home.  Alpha & Omega provides help to men breaking their drug and alcohol addiction and leads them to a lasting personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This event  is Saturday, September 10, 2016 from Noon until the Lord shuts it down!  Located at the Whosoever Will Praise and Worship Center on Hwy 241 in Pink Hill, NC.  Music by ONE PROMISE, PITTMAN GIRLS, LIVING PROOF, SAMANTHA RINGLEIN AND AT HIS THRONE.  BBQ pork and chicken plates, $7.00.  Food will be available starting at 11 a.m.
Please call the ALPHA & OMEGA HOME for more information at (252) 568-3400 or the Home Director at (910) 271-4838.  For details on helping us in future endeavors!  There's NOTHING like serving our Lord & Savior!

At this event  you helped us raise over $7000  including the sales to our Thrift Store.  All to help men transform their lives through JESUS CHRIST.   

The Alpha & Omega Christian Music Fundraiser was a HUGE success!  Blessings to all who participated, attended and volunteered at this event!